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Build a Community with
the spirits of Hongkongers

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Founded in July 2022, HongKonger Community Center (HKCC) is the first non-profit community center in North America to name after "HongKonger". 

HKCC routinely hosts sports and games, seminars and workshops, and other festivities to connect Hongkongers and to promote Hong Kong culture.


Today, HKCC has organized over 200 activities and attracted more than 10,000 attendees from our 9 locations. 


Many more locations and activities are forthcoming.



* Social hub for anyone interested in Hong Kong culture

* To connect Hongkongers

* To preserve Hong Kong culture

* To support each other

Support & Activities

* Open at least once a month

* Sport & Games

* Seminars & Workshops

* Festivals & Special Events

Community Building

* NGO in the process of getting a 501(c)(3) status​

* Independently run by volunteers

* Funded by donations

* Received recognitions at the state, county, and city levels


Make An Impact

HongKonger Community Center Foundation (HKCC) is proud to announce its successful registration as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) 501c3-pending in the US. Our goal is to make our events accessible to everyone. Most of them are either free or offered at a low cost. To support us financially, please make a contribution through Venmo @HKCCfoundation. We appreciate your generosity and support! If you would like to support a specific HKCC location, please include the information in the Venmo note. We look forward to growing our activities and services for the benefit of the Hong Kong community in the near future!


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