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The HongKonger Community Center Foundation is a social hub for anyone from or interested in the culture of Hong Kong to connect with and empower each other. It is a platform for preserving the Hongkonger identity, promoting the Cantonese language, helping Hongkongers integrate into their new local community, and enhancing their quality of life.

About Us

The initial intent of organizing a Hongkonger Community Center was to connect recent Hongkong immigrants with long time Hongkong residents who live in the same area. By providing a gathering place which enriched with cultural, recreational, and interactive events, the center helps new and old Hong Kong immigrants and residents to connect. The center is also a place to share knowledge and information to help new immigrants to adapt quickly into American society.


The establishment and success of the first Hongkonger Community Center in the San Francisco Bay Area in July 2022 encouraged other local Hongkonger organizations to start their own local HKCC. New HKCCs were set up in Maryland, Austin, Dallas, New York, Michigan, Chicago, Los Angeles in the United States and also Toronto in Canada within 6 months after the first HKCC was established.





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