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It is our honor to be interviewed by Radio Free Asia. Here are some interview clips.
(Videos are in Cantonese)

【RFA - Diaspora Chats】


The HongKonger community center in the United States begins operations, building a sense of belonging and strengthening the Hong Kong community.

【RFA - Diaspora Chats】


The first "Hong Kong Community Center" on the East Coast of the United States is established, bringing together Hong Kongers in the Washington D.C. area.

【RFA - Diaspora Chats】


Second-generation Hong Kongers in the US integrate into the HongKonger community, learning Cantonese and Hong Kong culture.

【RFA - Diaspora Chats】


The "HongKonger Community Center" is established in Toronto, while also promoting the "Youth Advocacy Program."

【RFA - Diaspora Chats】


Lana Wong visits the "HongKonger Community Center" in the Bay Area and praises the feeling of being back home.

【RFA - Diaspora Chats】


Ben Rogers visits the US to meet with Hong Kongers and warns the world to guard against the CCP through his new book.

【RFA - Diaspora Chats】


Hong Kongers in Washington D.C. celebrate the Year of the Rabbit ahead of time, and attract state government representatives with their traditional decorations and rice cakes.

【RFA - Diaspora Chats】


The "HongKonger Community Centers" in three US cities open on the same day, with lion and dragon dances adding to the festive atmosphere.

【RFA - Diaspora Chats】


Red Taxi in the Bay Area Hong Kong Fair, and Washington D.C. Hong Kongers gift heroes with traditional New Year decorations.

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